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КонкурсТеатр в моей жизни
Play in our theatre

I would like to begin with the fact that the scene takes an important place in my life. This is primarily related to my hobbies, such as vocal and dance, and school activities. But it happened in my life to go on stage and as an actor acting out his role. These were not any large-scale productions, and often small performances for a couple dozen people. Such performances were held regularly in kindergarten and in junior school, however, like most other children.

In fact, a lot of time has passed since then and I remember only fragments of those days and my roles. I was a snowflake, a mermaid, and a squirrel ....

But the most memorable and valuable was the role of raspberries in primary school. I remember how I made myself a bezel on my head with this forest berry and painted every drupe with an unprecedented thrill and enthusiasm. I wanted to do everything myself, but still my mother made the dress. She did this for all the settings.

On the day of the performance, the children were worried and looked forward to the start of the performance, like parents, I suppose. Of course, we rehearsed for a long time and diligently to reveal our acting abilities to the full. And now, the show itself, in our own theatre. Then it seemed something grand and unimaginable. It seemed that the play began and ended in one second, at the click of a finger. Most likely, it seemed to me because of the full involvement in the process or simply from the surging emotions that made me completely lose track of time. And ... The curtain! Applause, parents photograph young actors, and we stood in a row and humbly bow. Delight and unprecedented pride in myself and my comrades!

This is how I remember our little theatre, which became another wonderful memory of school years.


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